Martin A Riordan


B.Sc. in Economics - QUB - 1972

Diploma in Agricultural Economics - Oxon - 1973

Post-grad course in Project Management - SETREM - 2007

Law Degree - FEMA - 2014



I am an Irish citizen and have lived in Brazil since 1975, working principally in pig genetics but also in agriculture, construction, computers and accounting among other fields. I now dedicate my time to translations and consultancy.

I have a Degree in Economics from Queens University, Belfast, a Diploma in Agricultural Economics from Oxford University, a post-graduate course in Project Management from SETREM (Três de Maio, RS, Brazil), and a Degree in Law from FEMA (Santa Rosa, RS, Brazil).


I have been speaking and writing Brazilian Portuguese since 1975 on a daily basis, and also translating it into English frequently. Since 2010 I have become a full-time translator.

I have good general vocabulary in both English and Portuguese in many areas, as can be seen by examining the range of subjects on which I have sucessfully answered KudoZ questions from fellow-translators. I can translate documents on a range of subjects, preferably from PT-BR to EN(US/UK). Much of the work I do is business-related: annual reports, financial statements, business proposals, legal contracts and such like.

I pride myself on producing high-quality translations and will go to great lengths to produce a correct and intelligible translation of the source document. And I don't miss deadlines!

PDF File Conversion

Over the years, I have acquired expertise in converting PDF files to Word. Much of my work comes
as PDF files, and the CAT tool I use (memoQ) uses a text document as its source. The PDF source files that I receive are varied. Some contain the text, others are a series of scanned images and the most difficult are handwritten!

To facilitate this work, I have invested in several leading-edge software tools and also have secretarial help for transcription, when necessary.

As I know that many translators face the same problem and have little time to spend on file conversion, I am now offering this service to colleagues and agencies. If you need help with file conversion from PDF to DOC or DOCX, please feel free to contact me using the "Send email" button on this profile page. As the amount of work involved depends entirely on the kind and quality of the PDF source document, I need to see the documents you wish to convert and then I can give you a quote.


Brazil is a country which is rapidly taking its proper place in the world economy. Its agricultural, industrial and service industries are becoming more productive and exporting their products to the world, and at the same time it has opened itself to global imports. Brazil has suffered less from the recent world economic downturn than many countries in Europe and North America,
and it has a population of around 190 million consumers.

In 2014 Brazil will host the FIFA Football World Cup and in 2016 the Olympic Games. These are two events which will boost economic activity and also generate opportunities for foreign suppliers of goods and services. Be part of it!

I have provided customised consultancy services to companies from North America and Europe that are interested in doing business in Brazil. These services include:

  • Research into specific areas of activity
  • Making contacts and setting meetings
  • Obtaining internal flight tickets and making hotel reservations
  • Meeting visitors, accompanying them to meetings and interpreting
  • Providing general advice on doing business in Brazil

I can do the same for your company. If I can be of help to you, with document translations or arrangement of visits, contact me today by e-mail at: mariordan at gmail dot com. I look forward to helping you!

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